Wedding Shoes Inspiration

Wedding Shoes Inspiration


How fun right!! We just had this fun idea to share some of our favorite shoe shots on our Instagram account, to give brides and grooms some lovely wedding shoes inspiration. It became a little difficult to decide, which to share and which to leave out, so here we are blogging about it.

We also want to take this opportunity to provide some helpful information on what to keep in mind when picking out your pair of wedding shoes for either the ceremony or reception. There are several websites out there with great tips and advice, instead of reinventing the wheel or steeling, we’ll just be linking to some of these great sites.

However, the main point we want to get across is think of comfort when looking for those wedding shoes. You’ll look great no matter what you choose, and we know you’ll go through great lengths to coordinate and match as needed. With Indian weddings, you won’t have your shoes on for too long for the ceremony. You will be taking them off, so don’t get something that’s extremely difficult to take off and on. Brides, keep in mind your outfit; if it’s a sari or a lengha, does the length of the heels work with the length of your outfit (i.e. is the length of both enough and sitting just right or is lifting it way off the ground).

Here’s the first link to a page on the The Knot website, The Best Shoes for Brides and Bridesmaids which has some great information for brides and grooms. Loved their tip about having a second pair of shoes, some casual comfortable shoes, so you can slip out of your wedding shoes and still rock the fashion you want.

Wedding Ideas Magazine has a great list compiled that’s worth a read.