Vivah 2013 Wedding Expo Santa Clara

Vivah 2013 Wedding Expo Santa Clara

If you attended the Vivah 2013 Wedding Expo, you felt the energy in the room, the vendors and the wedding planners were all excited to be there and take part in the years best wedding event. We waited a year in anticipation for this day and it was brilliant. We were busy, but Jas managed to get some photographs of the show. We hope you enjoy a glimpse of the day as captured through our viewfinder.

“A good snapshot stops a moment from running away….& even though you only snap a handful, this is the 2nd time you have clicked some of my favorites. You did it at Vivah last year & you have managed to do it again this year!
Your creative act lasts but a brief moment, a lightning instant of give-and-take, just long enough for you to level the camera & to capture a minute part of reality. Thank you for the wonderful images from Vivah Wedding & Lifestyle Expo!!”

– Leena Sh, WLEA President

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