SAB’s Royal Bridal Inspiration Feature

SAB’s Royal Bridal Inspiration Feature

SAB royal bridal inspirationWe’re honored to have our bridal inspiration concept featured in the latest issue of South Asian Bride magazine. When we learned the theme was “royal” we immediately had several ideas and big elaborate ideas, but quickly grounded ourselves. As we stopped to think, how will these ideas inspire a bride? The answer was, she needs to be able to see herself in that model’s place, then it will be true bridal inspiration.

The goal of this collaboration shoot was to use statement pieces that spoke for themselves and select a setting that didn’t take away from the inspiration. We used tones that were rich and different from your classic reds and pinks. The looks created were gorgeous and realistic. The hair and makeup by Rukhsanas Beauty Palace were stunning and sharp, bold yet classy. No bridal inspiration look would be complete without any bridal mehndi, provided by the amazing Neeta Sharma.

Hope you take inspiration from these looks and make them your own. Simplify further if that’s your thing or make them into big productions like a Sanjay Leela Bhansali film. 🙂

SAB royal bridal inspiration

The team

Here’s the wonderful team and links to their individual Instagram accounts, be sure to check out their work and show some love.

Photography: @jskphotos
Mehndi: @mehndidesigner
Wardrobe: @wellgroomedinc
Jewelry: @thelostbangle
Makeup: @rukhsanasbeautypalace
Models: @shaaatri @raghbirtung @imsosweet26 @sandhumoody

The Photo Gallery