Questions to Ask When Buying your Engagement Ring

Questions to Ask When Buying your Engagement Ring

This possibly could be the beginning of it all. Yes, you might be that bride who started a wedding planning binder when you were ten, but the planning isn’t real till he puts a ring on it; the engagement ring that is.

More than brides, this post is going to help our grooms-to-be, who are starting to hunt for that perfect ring to pop the question with. Unless you know exactly what your lady wants, don’t go down this path of making this investment without her input; after all she’ll be the one wearing it.

This article features HCM Diamonds, a family business run by Pankaj Maniar and his daughter in law, Harvinder C. Maniar. Be sure to read their story on their website to see how HCM Diamonds came to be. HCM Diamonds operates with a transparent business model that creates tremendous value for their customers. They bring value by eliminating the many middle layers and working directly with the diamond and jewelry manufacturers. Majority of their pieces are handmade with love and utmost attention to detail.

Buying an engagement ring can be overwhelming. There are so many factors to consider and the options may seem endless with the different qualities, styles and even metal choices! In addition, buying an engagement ring is a very personal and emotional event which makes it even more critical to find a jeweler you can trust for that perfect engagement ring. HCM Diamonds has put together the following questions for finding that perfect jeweler you can trust for your engagement ring purchase.

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The Questions

What are the 4C’s and how does the jeweler explain and show the 4C’s and any other important diamond characteristics to you?

A good jeweler should be able to educate and guide you through the 4C’s – Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat. They should be able to make you feel comfortable in determining what characteristics are important to you and help you confidently make your diamond purchase accordingly.

How does the jeweler help you define your budget if you are not already set on one?

Chances are this is your first big diamond purchase and you aren’t sure what money can buy you. This goes hand in hand with the 4C’s education. A good jeweler should guide you through the 4C’s while showing how pricing is affected and help you determine a budget based on what you are looking for in your diamond and engagement ring.

At HCM Diamonds, we pride ourselves in educating our clients and giving them transparent quality and cost information thereby helping them make confident buying choices. 

How does the jeweler handle diamond certifications and appraisals?

Ask for third party diamond certifications from accredited gem labs like the Gemological Institute of American (GIA) or the International Gemological Institute (IGI). Assess how your jeweler describes the diamond versus the certificate. The certificate provides diamond details and proves the authenticity of the diamond thereby helping build confidence in both the diamond and your jeweler.

At HCM Diamonds, we always encourage our clients to buy certified diamonds.

Is the jeweler able to guide you on your insurance options?

A good jeweler should offer appraisals that you can take to an insurance provider to make sure your priced possession is insured. 

How does the jeweler mark the integrity of the metal used for making the ring?

While all the focus tends to be on the diamond itself, the metal that is used to set the diamond is highly important as well. Your jeweler should be able to guide you through your choices of silver, gold, platinum etc. Make sure your jeweler can show the authenticity of the metal with a stamp verifying the metal.

Is the jeweler able to do custom work or do they only sell pre-made settings?

Maybe you have always known your ring style or you saw something on Pinterest that has now become your dream ring design. If the jeweler does not carry the same setting, it will be very important for you to find out if they are able to custom create the ring for you in the metal of your choice.

At HCM Diamonds, we specialize in custom design work and are able to bring your vision to life.

What are the jeweler’s policies for returns, repairs and any warranties?

Make sure you understand and can comply with the jewelers polices with returns and warranties. It is also important to know if you could return to the same jeweler for any repairs of re-sizing.

What is the usual lead time for any custom work or repairs?

Make sure you have enough time to make the ring before you plan on proposing to the love of your life. It is always good to have the ring in hand with plenty time before the proposal.

What forms of payments does the jeweler accept? Do you need to pay any deposits or pay the cost upfront? Do they allow financing?

Jewelers can vary in their available payment options.  Make sure you ask and are comfortable with the payment method and understand any upfront deposits or fees.

Are you able to speak with any previous buyers for references?

If something is still not adding up for you, it is always a good idea to speak with some of the jewelers past clients for reference on their experience with the jeweler. You would know it’s not the right jeweler for you if they hesitate in providing you references.

Can you trust the jeweler?

This is perhaps the most important. You may already have a jeweler that your family has been going to for years and you have already established that trust and relationship. If not, these questions along with your own instincts should help you find the right jeweler to create your own lifelong relationship.

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