Questions to Ask Baker When Choosing a Wedding Cake

Questions to Ask Baker When Choosing a Wedding Cake

Choosing a wedding cake doesn’t have to be a difficult challenge; for some of us, it just may be the best part! However, to avoid any disappointment that may arise from accidental miscommunications, be sure to arrive to your consult with your baker armed with this list of important questions. Hope you enjoy the new installment of questions to ask your wedding vendors.

Beauty & the Beast inspired wedding cake1) Will you be delivering the wedding cake and setting it up?

Your cake will be an expensive masterpiece, and the look on your guests’ faces when it’s revealed will be worth every penny spent upon it. However, if the baker does not deliver the cake, it’s important to make sure you designate a trusted friend to bring it and set it up. There’s nothing more disappointing than expecting cake only to discover that the backseat of your sister’s SUV is coated in white buttercream.

2) Can I see your portfolio?

A good cake artist will proudly whip out their portfolio if you ask, and some may be eager to show it to you before you even ask to see it. Browse through it carefully and assess their skill level. Is it up to your expectations, and does the quality of their work match the price that they’re asking? You don’t want to be promised something elegant and classy and discover that they baked something that looks like their nephew made it.

3) What flavors can I choose from?

Some bakers have a set limit of flavors that they like to work with, whereas for others, the sky is the limit. If you have a dream flavor in mind, be sure to ask if they’re capable of making it. Pink champagne, for instance, is an extremely popular choice for wedding cakes, but not all bakers are willing to prepare that flavor. Others like to stick with a limited palate of basic flavors, so be sure to ask to avoid being let down.

4) How far in advance is my cake made?

It’s fairly typical to prepare a wedding cake several days in advance, especially if your baker has several clients with wedding dates the same week as yours. Obviously, you don’t want to discover that your cake was made weeks in advance with the layers frozen. However, having a two- or three-day head start on making your cake is reasonable, especially if your design is particularly complex.

5) Are you licensed by the state?

Bakers are highly regulated, and depending upon which state where you reside, there may be a set of stringent rules in place dictating who can obtain this profession. It’s important to ensure that your baker is licensed by the health department and working in a clean environment. There’s nothing quite as gross as finding a stray hair in your cake or discovering that your baker lost their license due to health code violations.

No matter what flavor of cake you choose, or what design you decide on, your cake will be a unique reflection of you and your significant other as a couple. Selecting a baker for your cake should be one of the easiest decisions you should make for your wedding, and knowing in advance what your expectations are and the skill of your baker can help ward off any unexpected, unwanted surprises on your wedding day. Also, be sure to check out these great wedding cake tips by the Knot. Bon appétit!