Canadian + Californian Wedding Vendors x Manpreet Toor

Canadian + Californian Wedding Vendors x Manpreet Toor

Can’t go wrong with that formula, especially when Manpreet Toor, the dancing queen is involved!

We have been very fortunate to work with Blue Rose Artistry and Shimmer Collection twice in a row now, this time around we also had the pleasure of working with Poonams Kaurture, also from Canada. And of course, Neeta Sharma and Manpreet Toor, there are no words to describe the joy we get from working with these two lovely souls.

This shoot also took place at the The Citizen Hotel in downtown Sacramento California. It’s always a pleasure working with great settings, indoor and outdoors, where we get to stage the contrasting and complimenting shots. It’s that much easier and that much more fun when we have beautiful colors to work with in the wardrobe.

We loved how MehndiDesigner, Neeta Sharma pulled elements from the outfit into her mehndi design. If you follow her work, you’ll know she’s great at telling bride and groom’s story through her henna art.

Hope you enjoy this feature. Please feel free to explore more of our individual works on each of ours Instagram accounts listed below.

Photography: @jskphotos
Mehndi: @mehndidesigner
Model: @toor.manpreet
Hair & Makeup: @blueroseartistry
Jewelry: @shimmercollection
Designer: @poonamskaurture