Bridal Inspiration Book

Bridal Inspiration Book

Just a little over a year ago, or exactly a year ago, Veiki Bains from Nirvana Creations approached us with the idea–her dream actually– that she has had for years. She had been hanging on to this piece of bridal inspiration she found in England. We were thrilled and gladly accepted the opportunity to join her on the amazing venture.

Then came the fun task of team building, all the no’s in the beginning were almost discouraging, but each one set us the path to what was meant to be. We’re grateful for everyone we approached and the time they spent to hear us out. In the end we had a great team of very talented and dedicated folks, MehndiDesigner with her amazing creative designs, Wellgroomed with their jaw dropping wardrobe, Evocature the exquisite jewelry and Monica Nasiri’s touch with hair styling.

A few months into it after all the team and models were recruited, right before wedding season got crazy, we were able to finally start shooting. After long hours of shooting, the photo selecting, post production and designing, we’re happy to share the dream with you. Bridal Expressions, a bridal inspiration book for today’s bride. The idea behind this inspiration book is “simplify.” Simple and easy to process inspiration for mehndi, colors, wardrobe, makeup, jewelry and hair. We weren’t looking to recreate the socials, which already carry thousands upon thousands of overwhelming ideas. Instead we just want to plant the seed and let your personality and style mold this inspiration into what fits you best.

If you’re a bride or groom to be, or you are in any way connected to a wedding, contact either one of the vendors to get your own complimentary copy of the bridal inspiration lookbook.

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