About Us

About Us

A husband and wife team.

We are a husband and wife team of wedding photographers based in Central California (Modesto). We serve the San Francisco Bay Area, the Central Coast and rest of California. We travel out of state. JSK Photography was officially formed in March of 2010.

How we Met

We were arranged. It surprises most. We met for the first time at Mervyn’s, a department store in Turlock CA as it was mutual ground. We were arranged to meet by our aunts and parents. We walked down the main aisle in the back of the store while talking and asking each other random questions. The conversation probably lasted 10 minutes. That was in September 2002. Then a week or two later we met a second time at Jas’ house, that’s when the roka (Punjabi version of an engagement) took place. We had our official engagement the following February. Where we also had a Christian ceremony officiated by our neighbor who was a pastor along with our legal marriage that day. In November of 2003, we had our Sikh ceremony when we were “officially” married and allowed to move in together. So we celebrate two anniversaries now.

When we’re not working on photography, we are entertaining our two rays of joyful light, our daughters. We love to travel. Winter time we’re in the mountains skiing every chance we get, summer time we block a weekend or two for a summer get away to the ever so relaxing Disneyland. This year they promise we can go some where else, we shall see. 🙂

Ps. Andy and I so admire the love and respect and appreciation you both had for each other and want you to know that you both are an amazing couple that we look up to.

– Komal & Andy


The Boss

I was a computer geek by profession and probably was since birth. I always had a passion for taking photographs as well, first with my film cameras, then the digital point-and-shoot. I wanted to get a bigger camera, a DSLR, but my wife always skeptical; I have a history with hobbies coming and going. She would say I had to take some photography classes before she could invest in me. However, that all went out the window, soon as we discovered I’m not just computer coded, I actually have a creative bone. I went along as an assistant to a friend, a professional photographer, just because I liked to take photographs. That was my first wedding I shot in Fall of 2009, and I discovered the true extent of this passion. Few months later in March of 2010, I got my first DSLR camera, a Canon 1D Mark II.

Then come August of 2010, Mandy surprised me for my birthday with my second camera, a Canon 1D Mark IV. I haven’t looked back since. End of January 2014 I went full time into photography. I work at a job that is my passion.

I am confident, in myself and my work. I don’t base that just on my images, but on my passion and personality. I love working with people, and I make every effort to understand what they want. My first work was in retail, I enjoyed retail just for that face-to-face people interaction. I enjoy photographing people just as much. Now, not only do I love interacting, but I love studying people’s faces and the way the light enhances their features. The most exciting part is capturing them in their moments, with their emotions.


The 'Real' Boss

I’m a web/graphic designer by profession and have been creative and artsy since I was a kid. My career started out at Stanislas State in 2002, as the web designer and I continue to work there till this day. Even though I was creative, photography wasn’t for me till I started helping Jas out more and more. In the beginning I would tag along on weddings to assist Jas with the lighting, run things to him or assist with the posing during portraits. During the ceremony Jas would put down one of his cameras and I would pick it up and shoot from the sides. It started happening more often and I started using a spare camera till summer of 2012 when I got my own camera.
Currently, in addition to being the second shooter, I am also the marketing coordinator, social media and web manager and the graphic designer. Though Jas now does his own album designs, I will occasionally design the guestbooks. If you ask us to create a save the date or thank you card, that would go through my creative lens.

I’m the candid shooter, the fly on the wall. I like to observe what’s going on and wait for the smiles and the laughs. My goal is to frame your moments into pieces of arts that you’ll want to come back to and look at over and over.


From Our Clients

“Jigar and I really want to thank you for all of your hard work. We were just talking to Dhara and Pallav about how happy we are to have been able to work with the two of you. We could not have asked for a better team of professionals! You both went above and beyond the call of of duty and did such a great job on our photos. We would be more than happy to recommend you to any of our friends getting married 🙂 We wish you both all of the best and good luck!”

– Kaydee & Jigar

“Had a great time working with these guys, they did a great job and stuck behind what they said. Would 100% recommend them for Weddings, Engagement or for any general job.”

– Alpa & Rishi

“My husband and I used Jas and Mandy for our engagement photos, save the dates, and wedding photos. We also used his videographer. Let me tell you that these people do truly amazing work! His use with natural lighting and colors for our outdoor reception pictures was amazing. These people know what they are doing! Also, they have wonderful and fun personalities making it fun and easy to work wit them at such a wonderful price!”

– Michelle & John

“We hired JSK for our Indian wedding and glad we did. We wanted an Indian photographer since there are a lot of traditions we wanted to be captured. Jas and Mandy are a great team. Their so easy to work with, not pushy and work behind the scenes. If you want stress-free photographers then Jas and Mandy are your guys.”

– Jennifer & Diljeet

“I hired Jas & Mandy from JSK as my wedding photographers after browsing through their online galleries and wedding photographs from friends who used their services. I was excited that they were available on my wedding date and booked them early (8 months before my wedding). Jas and Mandy were very responsive to emails, helpful in recommending a few of my other wedding vendors, and open to my ideas on wedding photography. On the day-of my events, they were punctual, friendly, stress-free, and creative in their approach. My guests loved their style. They were NOT pushy photographers trying to control the whole event– rather, they let things flow naturally and caught candid moments as they came. They also did a fabulous job on our more formal wedding portraits. They are very fairly priced and did not up-sell many items after the wedding, as I have heard other wedding photographers do. They also let me preview my wedding pictures extremely quickly after the event. Overall, they were dependable, innovative, and helpful. I would recommend them to friends and family without hesitation!”

– Jaspreet & Arvin

“LOVED their work and working with them for our engagement photos and multi day multi event Indian wedding celebrations :)”

– Vaishali & Akshay

“I highly recommend JSK if you want great photographs to remember your wedding. We found JSK through a family member and I am glad we did! Jas and Mandy are a great team. They don’t harass you like other photographers (i.e. “stare dreamily and awkwardly into his eyes”), and are like ninjas with the camera so you don’t feel paparazzied and paranoid the whole day. They do a lot of candid shots so you look more natural and relaxed in your photos. They are open to suggestions too and have good ideas if you’re not sure how to pose (“what do I do with my arms?”). You guys are awesome!”

– Gagan & Del

“We feel lucky to have found JSK photography to capture our wedding and for our engagement shoot! First and foremost, their professionalism was impeccable. Wedding planning can become overwhelming; It was a relief when Jas was timely in his responses and he gave us great advice on all of the questions and concerns we had. The contract has been upheld to every detail and their pricing (for an Indian wedding) is unbeatable! On the days of our events, Jas and Mandy were timely and were able to capture everything without being intrusive. Our families loved them! They even went out of their way to ensure everything was in place to reduce our stress (I.e. If the caterers had arrived at our reception before we got there). Last but not least, we are beyond overjoyed while looking at the images that were captured by JSK. Photographs are all that are left once a wedding is over. We could not be happier at the images we have from our wedding that will give us a lifetime of memories. Look no further for your wedding photographers :)”

– Tina & Gurk

“We had the pleasure of working with JSK photography for our engagement and wedding photographs. From the beginning Jas and Mandeep made us feel at ease. It is much easier to give natural shots when you feel like you are with friends and not simply performing for the camera. We were blown away with our bay area engagement shots. The colors were so vibrant and the pictures were crisp. During our wedding week Jas and Mandeep came and blended in like family. The end result were some amazing portrait and candid shots. We are so glad we had the opportunity to have such beautiful and professional people capture our precious moments! Thank you for capturing our memories so beautifully!!”

– Neelam & Saurab

“Thank you both for being a part of our big day. You two make an amazing team. When we were exhausted, you kept us grounded and sane. We couldn’t have done it with you.”

– Harp & Andy

“One word that comes to mind after working with Jas and Mandy is AMAZING! I won a free Engagement Photo Session with JSK Photography at a Bridal Fair in Modesto last year. They are so patient and comfortable to work with, all while capturing some amazing shots. The turnaround time for viewing the unedited pictures was unbelievable. Jas had a link for me to view all the shots within hours after shooting them. Me and my fiance were very pleased with not only their exceptional photographs but great hospitality. I would strongly recommend JSK photography for any of your photo needs.”

– Lindsey & Tom

“I had been admiring the work of Jas and Mandy of JSK Photography for years on IG: @jskphotos
Their work captures details, happiness, and has a bit of a royal Bollywood feel!

Many of my friends have had the pleasure of working with the duo, husband and wife, for their special events. Countless recommendations aside, I already knew that JSK was the perfect choice for capturing my event!

I spoke with Jas and Mandy a couple times before the event and they had great recommendations for outdoor photoshoot locations prior to the event. Jas came right on time with an assistant photographer. They were both very sweet and down to earth people to work with. Jas has great photo ideas and took some of my suggestions too! 🙂

JSK puts their whole heart into their photography and always exceeds everyone’s expectations because they’re truly passionate about what they do, and it shows in their work! Jas stayed over an hour past what I hired him for, just to ensure he captured all the special moments of my event! He didn’t get in the guests way, didn’t get annoyed with people snapping photos with their cell phones (as I’ve seen photographers do); he was patient and very much a part of the party!

Jas had the photos up and posted with a link to view them less than 24 hours after my event! Talk about dedication! I was literally moved to tears by the beautiful outcome of the photos, and I’m so happy that I was lucky enough to have them cover my event! I will definitely be looking for them for all my future events as well!”

– Reena